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Traditional Design in Teak Neo-Angle Design in Cedar
  • All our shower floors are raised on legs to provide better drainage in the shower.

  • Our traditional design have wood slats running either the length or width of the shower.

  • Our neo-angle designs have the wood slats running parallel with the doorway and on an angle with the walls for a beautiful effect.



Our Shower Inserts are the very best in the world.  This is because our wood slats are raised up on legs providing better drainage while raising you up, out of the water.  Designed for inside the shower they can also be used as a raised platform for the outdoor shower, in front of the bath room sink, or outside your tub or shower as a drying off platform.

Available in all of our woods including Genuine Forest Teak, Ipe, African Teak, and Western Red Cedar.  All of our woods are moisture and bacteria resistant, making them perfect for the bath or shower.  Not sure which wood is best for you?

CPI (Cost Per Inch) pricing ranges from .209 for Genuine Forest Teak and Ipe, to .159 for African Teak and .149 for Cedar.  For a rough estimate simply multiply the length by the width and then multiply by the Cost Per Inch for the wood of your choice. 

For example, if you are looking for a Shower Insert size 30" x 46" in African Teak then you would multiply 30*46*.159 for a cost of only $219.42.  Options such as straight and rounded cuts, handles, and our Protective Finish are also available so please email us for a quick quote including all our options.

What do our customers say about our Shower Inserts?

We received the Ipe Shower Insert and we are THRILLED!  The wood selection is stunning, the effect is elegant and warm, and the craftsmanship is impeccable to the last detail! We couldn't have asked for a better product had we overseen the production ourselves.  THANK YOU!

After finding you through Google search and speaking to you on the phone about your company and the pros and cons of every decision, we are very, very pleased to have done business with you.  All the best from the most relaxing shower stall in Jersey City, NJ.

Lianne Cospito

Jersey City, NJ

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the custom Shower Insert.  It fits perfectly and adds a classy touch to the shower.  Your company was very friendly, helpful, and kept the lines of communication open.  Any company in this day of computerized sales that does all that and delivers a quality product at a reasonable price will absolutely get more of my business.

Priscilla Igou

Lancaster, PA

Randy—The UPS guy just left….We had him help with the unpacking, just to make sure there was no damage.  He said “Boy!  This guy really knows how to pack!”…So give yourself a pat on the back for making sure there was no damage.  The mat itself is really, really pretty.  Both Bob and I think you did a fantastic job on the “patterned” look you gave it.  Also, it fits perfectly in the shower.   

Thank you so much for getting it here before the guests start arriving this weekend (and through Labor Day).  You did a beautiful job, and if I ever have to order another shower floor, I will not hesitate to give you a call.  Thank you again for all your efforts.

I would recommend you any time to friends and family alike. ( I can’t wait to hear the comments when my visitors arrive).

PS—The cedar smells GREAT!

Martha Potdevin

Ridgewood, New Jersey

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